VIP Program

Very Important Patient

Especially Designed for Non-Insurance Patients


No-Charge for Diagnostic and Preventive Services Including:

D0120 Periodic Exam

D0140 Limited Exam (Emergency Exam)

D0150 Comprehensive Oral Evaluation D1110 Oral Prophylaxis (2x Per Year)


All X-rays Including:

D0220 Periapical X-rays D0272 2 Bite Wings D0274 4 Bite Wings D0330 Panoramic X-ray D0210 Full-Mouth Series (16 Films)

All of this for only
$195.00 for an individual,
$350.00 for a couple, or
$495.00 for a family (up to 4)


Membership fees must be paid in full prior to receiving benefits. This Dental Discount Plan may not be used in conjunction with dental insurance or any other promotion. This plan is intended for those who do not have dental insurance. No refunds will be granted after the annual fee has been paid.

Offer is for one year from date of membership payment. Renewal rates may be subject to change.

Disclosure: This discount program is NOT a dental insurance policy and does not make payments directly to dental insurance providers. Members are obligated to pay for all dental services. Members will receive discounts on dental services.

This Dental Discount Plan does not apply to treatment plans or fees paid prior to the purchasing of the Dental Discount Plan.


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